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Welcome to edUMize. We’re a small start-up based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. What started as a haphazard dream in 2010 has blossomed into a 23 person working staff who collectively went public in January 2011.

As the months roll on, we invite you to share in our invention process as we work to imagine new products and services and that enhance education in the early 21st century. edUMize is designed to be quick and versatile, and to cater to many different needs at once. We look to identify the needs of students, faculty, and staff, and then propose solutions that will assuage concerns and lead to greater optimization of educational potential.

In short: We solve educational problems.

And we invited you to solve them with us. Please feel free to follow our blog and/or follow us on Twitter @edUMize.


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We solve educational problems. Where others educate, we edumize*! *By maximizing education, of course. View all posts by edumize

2 responses to “Welcome to edUMize

  • blochhead123

    The University of Michigan is facing Controversy over Campus Smoking. In a resent article it addressed that The University of Michigan was going to announced that it will be going smoke-free on all campuses including Flint and Dearborn by July of 2011. President Mary Sue Coleman stated in a letter to the campus community that the ban was the next logical step towards a healthier campus. The reason for this is because not only does MHealthy strive to create a healthier community for the obvious immediate benefits, but it also aims to research how better health was achieved and maintained for other communities to reenact. A healthier community has a financially beneficial component as well, since healthcare costs are expected to decrease with the success of preventative healthy measures. Since the committee has not yet met to make suggestions for the smoking ban’s implementation, enforcement mechanisms for staff and students remain uncertain. Although the debate rages on as to the effectiveness of such a ban and the potential rights being abridged it seems certain that the ban will go into effect with few obstacles. For more information on university plans, the smoking ban and smoking cessation help, visit http://smokefree.umich.edu.


  • tinkerbelljacobs

    The University of Michigan should have a better wait list system that is more accommodating to all students. Students pay tens of thousands of dollars in tuition money and the process of the wait list system does not operate how it should. Enrolling in a class is based on credits at the University of Michigan. Naturally, the upperclassmen register before the underclassmen due to their higher number of credits. Once it is finally time for the underclassmen to register for their classes, the classes they want to take are already full and they must wait list in them. This is extremely unsatisfying because many of the classes that students have to wait list in fulfill requirements and must be taken sooner than later. Then, once a student is on the wait list, there are no updates as to his or her status on the wait list. This can cause the registration process to be extremely nerve-wrecking, especially for freshman. There is also no fair or reasonable process to try and get an override. The University of Michigan should consider another, more efficient and fair way to wait list students and to issue overrides.

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