Solving the Problem of a Lack of Cafes near U of M Buildings

We at edUMize have realized a problem present in the U of M Campus Area. U of M students have expressed a desire for additional cafe options located closer to their respected classrooms. We recognize this as a problem because cafes offer a healthy opportunity for busy college students to receive the needed nutrition and study essential beverage. Nourished and energized students are more awake and successful. With the help of our current edUMize Executive Board, we have proposed possible solutions for this problem that include: working with U of M officials to incorporate more cafes in University Buildings, additional ways to pay for healthier vending machine options that would be located in University Buildings, and coordinate the inclusion of local cafes on campus through mobile vending options. edUmize is excited to move forward and solve this problem that plagues U of M students.


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4 responses to “Solving the Problem of a Lack of Cafes near U of M Buildings

  • tinkerbelljacobs

    Adding more cafes and healthy vending machines would be great for students! Right now, there is only one cafe located right where classes are in the diag and that is in the 1st floor of the Ugli. Mason/Angel/Tisch Hall is huge and holds countless classes all day. Many students would benefit from a cafe in that building. Also, Dennison is the site of many classes and discussions and there are no vending machines in there. Adding vending machines around campus with healthy alternatives would be quick, and easy for students who only have 10 minutes to get to class and do not have enough time to sit and eat a meal.

  • bposton216

    I agree…some snack solution of some sort in Dennison would be key. The vending machines that are available in the Angell Hall area have very few options. It might also be nice to see a cafe of some sort towards South Campus, by the Academic Center. Right now, the only option is to have something delivered and that proves to be both costly and not nutritious.

  • annieshiu

    i think adding additional vending machine would be great, especially if it’s healthy snacks. instead of just coke products & junk food in vending machines, if it’s smoothies and package fruits/vegatable, then students can eat healthier and not wait inline

  • davidkoz

    Two cost-effective alternatives to building one or more campus cafes that we have discussed in our EdUMize board meetings are: refrigerated vending machines and allowing food vendors to sell their products to students during peak hours.

    Refrigerated vending machines would provide students with healthy food options such as fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, yogurts and the like. Not only would the vending machines themselves by much less costly than building a new cafe but the University of Michigan would not have to incur the costs that would be imminent. Unlike with campus cafes, vending machines would eliminate the costs of employment and maintenance. The customer him or herself would be the only person needed to operate these vending machines so the University wouldn’t have to hire anyone. What’s more, the only time maintenance would be required is to change the food items every couple days.

    Additionally, allowing local eateries to send an employee or two to the main hallway of Angell/Mason Hall to sell their food would be a great alternative to a campus cafe. This would be mutually beneficial for students and the companies that participate. Also, the University would reap the benefits of such a system in that they would receive a portion of the participating companies’ sales, or receive a fixed payment, for allowing said companies to sell food on campus.

    Lack of healthy food options on campus, especially in between classes, is a big concern at the University of Michigan and certainly needs to be addressed. There are many solutions to this problem and it’s good to see that you’re on the right track. Good luck!

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