Utilizing Existing Study Space

The large density of campus buildings in the downtown area suggests that student concerns over the lack of available study space are slightly unjustified. Concerns over the lack of study space on campus are more usefully framed as concerns over the scheduling of study space, or the lack of study space that addresses the needs of particular tasks. As a result, edUMize would like to pioneer the development of an easy to use web interface that incorporates campus-wide information about the availability of rooms with room scheduling software. In addition to informing students as to which rooms and buildings on campus are available at any given moment, such an interface would provide students with the ability to reserve study space that best fits their needs individual and group needs.  Please share any difficulties you’ve had in attaining a study space that was sufficient for your needs at the time.


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5 responses to “Utilizing Existing Study Space

  • teijamadhu

    I agree that there is a lack of useful study spaces on campus and am impressed with the solution of creating an online system of booking available rooms for group study. Another thing to think about is to include on this reservation website some sort of organized list of various places to study on campus (that are not reserve-able) with their hours of operation/availability.

    You mentioned the notion that one would think there would be plenty of spaces on campus to study considering the “large density of campus buildings”, however, students are still facing the difficulty of finding adequate study spaces, especially for group work. In regards to this, I believe that many of the buildings on campus have strict building hours where they lock the outside doors. If more buildings could be accessible or even key-card accessible like Angell Hall, I believe students will be respectful and use the spaces responsibly.

  • hollymj

    Though I am one of the ones that often studies at home because I get easily distracted when at the UGLI or coffee places, I did start going with my roommate to Mason Hall and studying in a room all by ourselves and this was a nice change of atmosphere and it was still quiet. Unfortunately we had to get to Mason before the rooms locked and we couldn’t get in. It would be nice if there was a way to schedule rooms and get the key or the codes to get in if they are locked.

  • swgoan

    I really liked the idea of having a web interface that shows room availability on campus. I know that this has been implemented in the Ross School of Business, and it has been very successful as far as I know. I will mention another problem with study spaces that I think has been hinted at several times but not directly addressed. I agree that there doesn’t seem to be a lack of study space on campus, but I do think that the environment of these study spaces isn’t exactly what students are looking for. I don’t believe everybody’s ideal study space involves a desk and a chair. Some people like to lay down while they study, some like it loud, and some like it quiet. I think one thing that would be very beneficial would be to create the existing spaces towards different studying environments. I know this is a bit of a stretch given the current edUMize budget, but I think this is something that students would really gain from.

  • blochhead123

    I think it is a good idea to address this issue because I know that it is difficult to find study space during certain times, such as when everyone is preparing for mid-terms or finals. Therefore, creating a website that informs students about available study spaces would be very beneficial to students in terms of time management. Moreover, being given the opportunity to reserve a space to study is another great idea because that way students would be more comfortable studying at a desired time and place.

  • davidkoz

    There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to your desired study space only to realize that there are no available seats to do work. I think that a web interface that would monitor study space availability at the various sites on campus would be undeniably beneficial.

    The problem with such an interface, though, is that there is certain to be confusion and misunderstanding if a student is forced to give up his or her seat to someone who booked said seat online.

    Another thing that may want to be considered with this proposal is how far in advance a student should be able to book a place to study. What’s more, when should this service be available to students? Always? During midterms and finals?

    Keep up the good work but be sure to clarify and specify your proposal.

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