New and Improved Course Guide!

EdUMize’s Proposed Course Guide update will provide University of Michigan students with the necessary information to make informed decisions while registering for courses.  This will help students have knowledge about a course before the first day of classes begin, which will in turn diminish the number of students dropping or withdrawing from courses in the beginning of the semester.

The proposed changes to the Course Guide were selected based on a survey given to current University of Michigan students as well as using successful examples of other universities who have implemented a similar structure in their course selection and evaluation process.  These updates are easily added onto the current Course Guide website and will provide students with the necessary information they need to select courses.

The Course Guide already includes some basic information about courses, but it is lacking information regarding course and teacher evaluations and syllabus information.  We propose including a link on the Course Guide website which includes this information.  It will be readily accessible to students and available while they are backpacking and registering for classes.

By implementing these updates to the Course Guide, the University will see benefits in the registration process of students.  Students will be able to select and enroll in classes that meet their expectations, which will diminish the amount of students who drop classes because the class is not what they had expected.  Before registering, students will have a wealth of information available to them in order to make the most informed decisions about courses.

Check it out here:


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