New and improved solution to the lack of healthy food options between classes

EdUMize proposes that the University Of Michigan Division Of Student Affairs improves the availability of healthy food options between classes, especially during meal times, because it encourages healthy eating which has been linked to higher academic achievement and productivity. It’s time to take a healthy initiative.

Our proposal is for the University of Michigan Division of Student Affairs to improve the availability of healthy food options between classes by signing a contract with local vendors such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, which would allow them to set up booths in Mason Hall and the Chemistry Building where they can sell healthy, fresh food options to students in a rush between classes.

By providing healthier alternatives on campus, the University will be promoting healthier lifestyles of students leading to overall better academic performance. With greater academic success among students, the University directly benefits from the reputation that their students uphold. There is a reason that the University of Michigan is among the top public universities in the country. By even further improving the academic achievement of their students, the University will continue to gain respect and prestige as a highly ranked university. It is also important for the University to care about the overall well-being of its students because that leads to the contribution that each student can make to the University’s community and beyond.

We think it is crucial that edUMize and the Division of Student Affairs partners together to provide healthy food alternatives to students in between classes. All the benefits that the University will receive will far surpass any initial costs. A student’s health directly affects their productivity, and their productivity and success aligns with the values of the Division of Student Affairs.

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-Group 6


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