UM Study Buddy… Finalized!

edUMize staff are proud to announce the final design of UM Study Buddy, a collection of student resources designed to assist students in locating and reserving campus study spaces. In its final form, UM Study Buddy utilizes the website & mobile application formats to accomplish these goals & encourage students to study on campus.

Although the University of Michigan campus has steadily increased throughout the years, nearly half of students feel that the amount of study space on campus is inadequate. To assist the University of Michigan officials in addressing student opinion, edUMize staff contemplated the utility of several options: build new buildings, renovate existing buildings, or utilize study space in its current form more efficiently. As an attractive, low-cost solution, utilizing existing study space requires two things: educating students about the availability of campus space, and assisting them in attaining that study space.

To address these concerns, edUMize staff have compiled detailed information about the University of Michigan and packaged these resources in easy-to-use website & mobile application format. These formats enable students to locate campus study space in terms of location, time, and study space type. Additionally, edUMize staff have incorporated the University’s pre-existing room access technologies into scheduling of these study spaces. As a result, UM Study Buddy allows University of Michigan students to reserve computing sites & group study spaces up to three weeks in advance.

Employee feedback was useful in establishing other specifics regarding the ins & outs of the UM Study Buddy service. As a result, we are confident that UM Study Buddy will be perceived intuitive & useful. Once equipped with UM Study Buddy functionality, University of Michigan students will have little reason to perceive a ‘lack of study space’ on campus. UM Study Buddy functionality will also encourage students to study on campus, completing coursework more efficiently with fewer distractions.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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