UMath: A Better Future for the Math Department

We are excited to finally share our ultimate proposal with you to hopefully gain your support in approaching the University of Michigan Math Department about the implementation of the “UMath” website.  After the last two meetings we had with the edUMize staff, we took many of comments and concerns into consideration to come up with a better version of the website. The “UMath” website will enhance the math department by making the entire system more efficient through the use of scheduling, reserving time slots and checking availabilities in the mathlab and in office hours.

Students at the University of Michigan are involved in everything from clubs to sports to community service.  The majority of the students have a very difficult time making it to their GSI’s office hours.  Even if students can make it to their GSI’s office hours, they often have to wait a long time which is not only a burden but sometimes impossible due to their hectic days. So, when a student cannot make it to office hours or cannot wait for their GSI to be available, what is he or she supposed to do? This is where “UMath” comes in.

The “UMath” website is a page for students and instructors to visit to help use their time more efficient and to ensure an adequate amount of time for assistance.   On the website, there is a location for students to reserve twenty-minute time slots with their GSI during his or her office hours.  There is also a location for students to see how occupied the mathlab is.  Thus, based on the current occupancy of the mathlab, students can decide whether to go there now or wait until it is less crowded.  This helps students manage their time and ensure that they are not wasting any valuable studying time. The “UMath” website also has a page called “OTS” (Online Tutoring Service) which gives students a place to ask math questions or concepts and they will receive an answer from a GSI or upper-level math student within twenty-four hours.  This also solves the problem of students not being able to make it to office hours or to the mathlab.

The UMath website is a quick, more efficient way for students to manage their time and ensure that they get the math help that they need. Check it out at


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  • davidkoz

    Quiet Study Space Reservations

    We recognize the lack of quiet study space at the University of Michigan, especially during midterms and finals. We, at edUMize, would thus like to make it easier for students to be guaranteed a quiet place to study. Our original plan was to keep track of each available place to study on campus but we ran into the problem of policing such a system. We would have had to hire more staff to monitor that people’s reservations weren’t being taken and we would have had to implement a system in which students would scan their MCards to gain access to University buildings. While our original proposal would have been undoubtedly beneficial for the student body at the University of Michigan, its implementation was too comprehensive for the current state of our start-up company. Thus, we decided to narrow the focus of our proposal: enter the Quiet Study Space Reservations System.

    With the Quiet Study Reservations System, students are able to book a seat in a room designated for quiet, INDIVIDUAL study or a group of students are able to book a room for quiet, GROUP WORK. The reservations are handled primarily online, as edUMize has teamed up with Facebook and the University of Michigan as to utilize these to online platforms. If students do not have easy access to the internet or are simply not near a computer, edUMize has created an automated hotline that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: simply call the toll-free number (800) 555-STDY. By allowing reservations on the internet and over the phone, we have the intention to not disadvantage those without the technological privileges that others have.

    Our service will be undeniably beneficial to University of Michigan students, who will now be able to study longer and more efficiently and will thus do better in their classes, which will result in better grad school and job opportunities. Aside from the benefit to students, what’s great about the Quiet Study Space Reservations System is that both Facebook and the University of Michigan would benefit as well. Facebook would see increased usage as students would use their accounts more often to book a room and students who do not have Facebook accounts may well be enticed to join. The University of Michigan would benefit from being the first University to implement such a system and it would also benefit from the increased performance of its students.

    We are incredibly excited about the launch of our new product and while we know that it is both necessary and nice for students, we at edUMize are always open to suggestions on how to improve the quality of our product!

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